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Idea of the Project

We have developed a system that allows you to unite many bank cards into one electronic card, thereby tracking all data synchronizing all of them as one whole, you can at any time track transactions of several cards simultaneously and this is only a small part of what Oniblu can do.

Smart Electronic Card

Our map is designed in such a way that it unites all your cards in the system and synchronizes data as one multifunction card.

Real-time Statistics

On various pages there are graphic statistics, and its' data is updated in real-time. At any time you can find out more.

Receiving Info

This function allows you to process your data simultanteously. When data is sent to your card, it's also sent to your account page.

Foreign Exchange Control

Control of currency changes

This module is responsible for tracking the exchange rate, and is updated as soon as it receives new data. You can independently indicate which courses you want to see on your page, just add them to the table.

Technical Support

Solve Issues Instantly

Technical support works a cut above where we look to solve your problems instantly. Just describe your problem and our around the clock agents will pounce on it.

Real-Time Tracking

Trace your transactions

Tracking purchases always allows you to be aware of where your money is and how much you've sent. Control all transactions from your single unified oniblue.

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